这种酒特别优雅,如果青年人饮用,倍感具有特殊的素 质,因为此酒所含有的酸度比较高。更显得非常适合年青 人的口味。气味芳香,具有青苹果和杏仁花的芳香。色泽 呈浅黄色,口味干爽,有魅力,非常可口。

Grappa di Chardonnay 40°

Grappa is made from fresh marc from Chardonnay grapes from our company and are cultivated using strictly organic methods. Marc is separated from the must with gentle pressing and then sent for distilling. This is the work of master distillers using precious copper steam pot stills to produce a young grappa with a crystal clear colour, delicate, intense and lingering bouquet with a smooth and well-orchestrated flavour.