Talking about us…and our Lison DOC Lison-Pramaggiore

Talking about us…and our Lison DOC Lison-Pramaggiore

The great thing about Internet is that you always know how to involve research, news and curiosity, and without noticing you will find yourself to click, click, click … fascinated by the ever-growing amounts of information.
And it’s a great satisfaction when, during the navigation into the web, you find accidentally a blog about wine that speaks to us and our DOC Lison Lison-Pramaggiore!

The blog is called “Wine Indulgence” and its authors are Dana and Paul, two professional sommeliers that work and live between Venice and New York.
They have created this virtual page for people who like them has a passion for good food and great wine.

On our Lison they wrote that after the first sip it invites you to drink another glass … if you want to follow their suggestion, Le Carline will be happy to let you know this typical wine of the DOC Lison-Pramaggiore, with the other organic wines of our’s production.

Here is the wine review published on the blog:

Le Carline, who have a beautiful plot of land for their vines near Stan Stino, just east of Venice, offer not only good wine but also good company, (the wife Diana took the sommelier class together with us). They make many types on wine, but I want to focus on one particular wine, their Lison. Lison, the new name for the old wine Tocai, now used only in Hungry, is a specialty of the area. Typically fresh, fruity and mineral, Le Carline are right on spot. A clear straw colored white, with aromas of peach, fresh mint, nut and a slight hint of bread or yeast, leading us to question also the slight tang on our tongue. Le Carline are organic, this meaning that the process in which they grow their grapes and make their wine follows strict regulations to be called so. Perhaps this is the reason for the slight bubble or bite?

Maybe it isnt filtered? Either way taste wise its just as good. Very refreshing, clean, crisp, smooth and easy to drink. It does lack that initial impact but once again I think its because there are no additives. A touch of bitterness at the end adds to the complexity of this Lison and overall invites you to drink more.
A good choice for the summer!

Vote 88/100
Posted by Dana and Paolo August 5, 2010

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