Le Carline in the Serenissima’s heart, the first WINE BIENNAL

Le Carline in the Serenissima’s heart, the first WINE BIENNAL

The wines of doge’s vineyards, native of the doc land Lison Pramaggiore shore to the Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal in Venice. On plan wine tastes and a meeting concerning the return of  traditions of wine over an environment rich of historical suggestions that was attended by Giacomo Casanova.The land of Lison – Pramaggiore, considered at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice the doge’s vineyard, aspire to the artistic fashion of Venice introducing its wine and food treasures.

The circumstance will be the biennal of wine, prestigious taste desk arranged sunday 8th November  by the Road of  Doc Wines Lison Pramaggiore in cooperation with The Italian Association of  Wine Waiters Venice delegation.

The day will unfold into the wonderful Ridotto’ s lounge of the Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal, palace overlooking the Canal Grande and hard by Piazza S.Marco that was loved by relevant Venetian history personalities, first of all Giacomo Casanova.

Wine Biennal personify an umpteenth step to remark the tight union between our wines and the lagoon town. A relationship born more than one thousand years ago, when the patrician manors over the Lison Pramaggiore area were considered the wine cellers of the noble Venetian families totally committed to grape growing, explain Francesca Amadio,chairwoman of The Road of Doc Wines Lison Pramaggiore.

The wine tastings will be open to the public from 11 am to 20 pm and will serve oriental Venice white wines and red wines coming from 25 wine cellers joining The Road of Doc Wines Lison Pramaggiore.

A chance to know the several grapewines overgrow in the land. First of all the Classico Lison, new appellation of traditional Tocai, the native Red petiole Refosco but also Merlot,Cabernet Franc and Pinot Grigio, international grapewines living in this country more than a century.

Of course the Farm Le Carline will take part in the event with a close up role, since, on the top of suggesting its winning wines also this current year at the most important wine contest, just think at the Carline rosso gold medal at Biofach or the Gold at Biodivino dell’ Amicitia or still Special Mention of Lison at Biodivino and many others.

The Farm Le Carline will suggest the Red AMMIANA typical Venetian wine relly growed on Santa cristina Island in the heart of Venetian lagoon and produced by Daniele Piccinin with his own technical skill .

At the same time some gastronomic peculiarities of the area will be appereciate as the small cuttlefish of Caorle, cold cuts, typical cheeses and bread baked with special and local flour.

In the afternoon at about 15 pm. a round table is scheduled Taste Evolution: championship wines eclipse and return to traditions. A theme that takes pictures of  tendencies in the course of wine consumption in relationship with the changes of Italian life styles during the last decade.

Among the speakers: Dino Marchi, Ais Veneto Chairman, Franco Bernabei oenologist,Vasco Boatto Venice Wine Forum Chairman and ministerial consultant, Franco Ziliani reporter and blog holder ” Wine to Wine”.

Moderator meeting Fabio Piccoli reporter.