Sweet wine

Sweet Spumante RESILIENS

Le Carline presents you this new line of wines from grapes able to resist to adversity, obtained after several cross between vines varieties of North Europe, which have demonstrated the best characteristics of resistance to fungal diseases and between ancient vines varieties that have always been present in our territory, which allow to maintain the typical and varietal native characteristics.

Dogale Passito IGT Veneto

Dogale comes from Verduzzo grapes that are harvested late in the season and left to dry until late winter.
The must is then fermented in small oak barrels where the wine mellows for nine long months. This special technique and constant controls of fermentations phases produces a wine with a lovely amber colour, an intense bouquet that is pleasantly sweet on the palate

Verduzzo IGT Veneto Orientale

Sparkling wine made by natural fermentation with selected yeasts. Intense bouquet of violet and acacia flowers. Pale yellow colour, sometimes deep. Smooth, sapid, slightly tannic flavour.