Red meat

Merlot DOC Lison Pramaggiore Cantastorie

Wine with excellent structure, full-bodied, robust, rich ruby red colour tending to garnet with age.
Intense winy bouquet, reminiscent of raspberry and red fruits.
Aged for 2-3 years it brcomes dry
Justly tannic, well orchestrated and smooth.

Cabernet Franc DOC Venezia Cantastorie

Typical wine from the DOC Venezia area, famous for its bouquet and flavour. Deep ruby red tendsto garnet with age. An intense, winy, herby flavour that becomes elegant and generous with age.
A dry, herby full-bodied flavour, slightly tannic but well-orchestrated.

Refosco DOC Lison Pramaggiore Cantastorie

A wine with special sensorial features.
A ruby red-purplish colour.
A winy, intense typical bouquet that recalls raspberries and wild blackberries, with a full just tannic flavour
It refines with age, becomes well-orchestrated and develops a full and pleasant bouquet.

Carline Rosso IGT Veneto Orientale

A wine made from selected bunches of Cabernet Franc, Merlot e Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso grapes. It needs at least two years mellowing first in barrels and then in barriques, following by maturing in the bottle. It has a garnet red colour, typical full bouquet…

Cabernet DOC Lison Pramaggiore without added sulphites

It’s a wine with a strong charactere and a great personality, it has a deep ruby red colour with garnet hues, elegant, winy. With delightful notes of vacilla, due to the balanced mallowing in oaken barrels. A dry full-bodied flavour, tanning at the beginning, which develops into spicy notes of an excellent complexity and resistance.

Ammiana IGT Rosso del Veneto

Important wine, produced from red and old grapes of the Venetian lagoon area. After a careful harvest, the grapes are vinified with a long maceration of 10-12 days. The wine matures in oak barrels for 6 months and continue aging in bottle. Ruby red colour with carnet tinges, intense spicy bouquet; with flavour of raspberry, blackberry and wild berry. It has a slightly tangy flavour, typical and long-lasting.