A new ENERGY for Le Carline!

A new ENERGY for Le Carline!

The agricultural firm Le Carline, that has always been characterized by a virtuous behaviour toward nature, environment and earth, from which our organic wines come, now takes a step further: in these days we are installing a photovoltaic system.The solar photovoltaic power plant consists of 41.40 kWp and 180 modules, will contribute to self-generate energy, in quantities adequate to the business, maintaining the beautiful landscape that surrounds us through the use of a clean and renewable energy, there will be no production of polluting agents.

How does the solar photovoltaic power plant work?

Electricity production occurs when the panels process the sun rays. The panels will convert the received heat into electricity.

The system includes a series of photovoltaic cells electrically connected between them and distributed on the panels oriented perpendicular to the solar radiation as possible, an inverter and a counter. It will transforms the absorbed energy into electricity and will make it available to the user.

Le Carline makes this important investment to ensure a better future for the environment and our health. To do that it is essential to adapt one’s business to environmentally friendly and sustainable parameters .

Le Carline has been one of the first business to fully join to the methods of organic agriculture in the cultivation of our grapes ( as a matter of fact Le Carline started to work with „organic“ methods more than 20 years ago) so it is now logical to invest in reducing the the environmental impact of our production processes.

Numerous and significant  are the benefits arising from the installation of a photovoltaic system:

-Absence of any type of pollution emissions

-Saving fossil fuels

-The system is totally reliable because there are no moving parts (the estimated useful life of the plants is over 25 years)

-Respect for the environment

– It improves the company’s image

Le Carline really cares to be faithful to the organic production and use of clean energy as our company wants to offer the best to its customers who are attentive to ethical business choices as well as lovers of our fine wines.