Toast & aperitif

Dorato frizzante


The wine has a brilliant golden yellow color, intense and shiny. The nose reveals aromas of fruit, such as peach and apricot and floral nuances. The taste is balanced and persistent, with a marked freshness.

Diana Spumante Metodo Classico Brut

Diana Spumante Metodo Classico Brut

This Metodo Classico has a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, with a perlage fine and persistent, it has an intense smell, fresh and fruity with a large golden apples, flowers and a delicate aroma of yeast.
The taste is smooth and balanced with a pleasant hint of ripe fruit and crusty bread.

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC

Prosecco Extra Dry should be drunk young to fully appreciate its fresh lively taste and unmistakeable bouquet and flavour. Pale yellow colour, it has an intense lingering bouquet of acacia flavours and lilac. Delicately smooth flavour, balanced by a pleasant sharp note.

Spumante Brut Le Carline

(Italiano) Spumante Brut Le Carline

Sparkling wine made in small pressurized barrels, to produce a high-class spumante with excellent sensorial features.
Pale yellow colour with greenish hues, find and lingering beading. Fine bouquet with fruity notes, a fresh, salty flavour delightfully well orchestrated, dry as typical Brut.

Chardonnay IGT Veneto Orientale


This is a very elegant wine and if it is drunk young it is extremely fine, thanks to its rather high fixed acidity level. A bouquet that recalls golden delicious apples and almond flavour. A pale yellow colour and dry flavour, which is fine and inviting with clear apple and acacia flower notes.

Rosato frizzante

Rosato frizzante

A wine with a lovely pinkysh colour made from Merlot grapes, with the must briefly left on its marc.
A delicate and fruity wine is made with a well-orchestrated flavour, slightly sweet and lively.

Prosecco DOC frizzante

prosecco DOC frizzante

DOC wine, strictly cultivated with organic methods. Pale yellow colour, floral and fruity bouquet, recalls green apples and meadow flowers.