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Download Le Carline’s leaflet

It is online, easily downloadable in PDF, the new leaflet of our company! (more information…)

impianto fotovoltaico Le Carline

A new ENERGY for Le Carline!

The agricultural firm Le Carline, that has always been characterized by a virtuous behaviour toward nature, environment and earth, from which our organic wines come, now takes a step further: in these days we are installing a photovoltaic system. (more information…)

Lison DOC Lison-Pramaggiore Le Carline

Talking about us…and our Lison DOC Lison-Pramaggiore

The great thing about Internet is that you always know how to involve research, news and curiosity, and without noticing you will find yourself to click, click, click … fascinated by the ever-growing amounts of information.
And it’s a great satisfaction when, during the navigation into the web, you find accidentally a blog about wine that speaks to us and our DOC Lison Lison-Pramaggiore! (more information…)


Le Carline’s wines return triumphant from BIOFACH 2010

It’s with great pride that LE CARLINE communicates its double victory at BioFach 2010, in the international competition of organic wines: MUNDUSvini, one of the most prestigious and recognized competitions worldwide in the bio wine industry. (more information…)

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Typical Eastern Venice wines

The Le Carline Agricultural Company produces a wide range of DOC and IGT wines, sparkling wines, spritzig and two types of single vine-variety grappas (from Cabernet and Chardonnay grapes).
The Le Carline Agricultural Company in Pramaggiore vinifies around 3000 kilos (2006 figures) of naturally organic grapes (ICEA organic certificate) which produces arolund 2000 hectolitres of wine.

Venice Le Carlien Agricultural Compan Lison

The Le Carline Agricultural Company vineyards at Pramaggiore, Venice, are distributed in the 3 Wine Cities in the area: at Annone Veneto, San Stino di Livenza and, above all, at Pramaggiore. This locality perfectly represents the DOC wines area of Lison Pramaggiore: Belfiore di Pramaggiore, where the Le Carline Agricultural Company is located, is the heart of the Classical Lison area, while San Stino di Livenza and Annone Veneto belong to the Livenza Zone of the DOC Lison Pramaggiore area.

The Organic Agriculture Company

The Le Carline Agricultural Company in Pramaggiore contains all the most up-to-date equipment for the production of wines from sound, high quality organic grapes . Daniele Piccini\'s business takes care of every aspect of the services he offers: the cellar )eg: crusher and stemmer, air press, tube-to-tube exchanger cooler connected to stainless steel automatic heat controlled tanks, stainless steel temperature controlled tanks, the barrique (completely built-in and constructed alone organic-building guidelines) and the drier (for the natural climatically controlled drying of grapes for producing an excellent quality, constant dry wine). Also available is an ample tasting area for the reception of groups of wine tourists and/or customers where guided tastings of the DOC and IGT wines from certified organic grapes are also organised.

grape Le Carline Company organic

Certificates and Prizes

Daniele Piccinin\'s Agricultural Company was following the protocols of Organic Agriculture and Quality at a time when there were very few people in Italy who knew what "organic agriculture" meant.

prizes for certified wines

The typical Venetian wines from organic grapes from the Le Carline Agricultural Company of Pramaggiore, Venezia, aside from being assessed by the most important certificatin wine organisations in the sector (such asICEA, BIO-SIEGEL, Garanzia AIAB), have wone prizes in the various Wine Competitions in the area (such as the Marengo d’oro Competition - the Corbolone Wine Exhibition, the National Wine Exhibition at Pramaggiore – Venice, the National Wine and Grappa Exhibition at Vittorio Veneto), both national (like the National Organic Wine Exhibition at Grosseto, the Organisc Wine Show in Verona, the National Organic Wine Exhibition at Trisobbio, the Biobaccus Competition in Frascati) and international (such asVinitaly, the L.A. County Fair Competition - Wines of the World, the International Organic Wine Expo in Los Angeles, the International Bio-Fach Competion – Nuremburg).